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Our Process for Vetting Potential Issuer Listings

The steps we take to ensure accuracy and desirability on SGC Tech Exchange.

Full Submission Review

No company will be listed on the exchange without our prior review of the company's full submission materials.

Business Plan Viability

We will review your submission to determine if the business concept makes sense to us in the context of our knowledge of the gaming industry and discuss with you as needed.

Due Diligence Process

To save our investors time and assure integrity, we will confirm key elements of your company materials in terms of revenue generation and investment, and perform KYC screening.

Proprietary Data

We have a massive database of industry information we leverage to advise our clients, and will continue to utilize this to assess the quality of submissions.

SGC Commentary

When your full listing is presented to investors, we will include our comments - on what we like about your company as well as recommended areas for additional due diligence.

Continued Moderation

While we will not actively manage negotiations between prospective investors and listed companies, we will be there to help if needed. You will be required to keep us informed on the status of your discussions throughout the process through an online checklist.

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