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Our Process for Vetting Investors

How we ensure only qualified users gain access to our platform.

Institutional Relationships

SGC's owners have been collectively involved with the gambling industry for over 100 years and our CEO Robert Heller has been working with institutional gambling investors since 1984.

Demonstrated History

Only institutional investors with a demonstrated history of investing in the gambling space will be granted access to SGC TechX.

Non-Disclosure Agreements

Before viewing sensitive materials from companies on our platform, investors will be required to sign a non-disclosure and acknowledgement.

Controlled Access

We have employed multiple layers of security to prevent unregistered and unverified users from accessing the platform.

Identity Verification

Users will be subject to identity verification and KYC screening to ensure legitimacy and credibility.

Continued Moderation

SGC will monitor the actions of members on our platform to ensure behavior is according to our standards.

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